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A simple and effective recognition system

I was recently working with a group that wanted to recognize collaborative behavior and inspire more people to work that way. Pretty quickly, we started talking about badges and point systems. But these kinds of systems are hard to get right, … Continue reading

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Genomics, polio, and turning social business into a discipline

Why is the work in most offices around the world so inefficient and ineffective? Hundreds of millions of people suffer through pointless meetings and bad presentations. They wade through bureaucracy and email. And it all seems to go from bad … Continue reading

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Forget Likes. Your bank should be your best friend.

Recently, someone sent me a list of the “Top 150 Banks on Facebook.” There was a note attached pointing out how the banks at the top of the list were out-innovating the others who were failing to achieve “social media … Continue reading

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An idea for saving 10,000,000 dollars + 10,000 lives

When you think of social business case studies, you might think about new ways of communicating or supporting customers or generating sales leads. But the range of social business is actually much broader than that. “What you’re really trying to … Continue reading

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