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“If the news is that important, it will find me.”

Back in 2008, it was already clear that people were consuming information differently. Rather than going to professional portals, people were increasingly relying on their social networks to deliver relevant and highly personalized information. So why do you still have … Continue reading

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Defining your purpose

Can you coach people to discover their own meaningful, fulfilling ambitions? In “Building a purposeful social network,”  a new course I just started teaching, the first step I’d planned is for everyone to define their purpose – the goal that … Continue reading

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“Flow” as a corporate value

Suppose you discovered something that would make your firm’s employees perform better and would also make them happier. Would you try it? Why we work In response to a recent post about “humanizing” the corporation, a concerned friend sent me … Continue reading

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Broken windows & the future of service inside your firm

When something doesn’t work at home, you might complain on Twitter or use your smartphone to report the problem. Or you’ll search for a solution on-line and fix the problem yourself. But what do you do at work? Probably nothing. … Continue reading

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