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Don’t retweet the revolution

I used to be a cheerleader for social business. I was inspired by all the stories of people coming together to make a difference. It felt like a movement, and I wanted to be part of it. So I tried to … Continue reading

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Want diversity? Teach people to shape their online reputation.

When it comes to management diversity – gender, ethnic, or other dimensions – most firms are missing the most important tool they have: helping employees to shape their own reputation. While other methods are helping (e.g., new recruiting practices and … Continue reading

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“Beware the Dollhouse Mafia” & other guidelines for using social reputations in the enterprise

How do you help people build a reputation on-line? More and more companies are using reputation systems to “motivate contribution and tap into whole new veins of revenue growth and productivity.” Such systems generate real value. And it looks deceptively easy. … Continue reading

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On fitbits, foursquare & financial services

You can generate significant commercial value by giving customers – and employees – ways to shape their online reputations. In the consumer market, people provide data or other value in exchange for ways to distinguish themselves. It’s our individual desire … Continue reading

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