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7 elements of an enterprise collaboration strategy

I used to talk more about strategy. I used to think of it as high-level, important work while I saw “tactical” work and “implementation details” as somehow beneath me. As Bugs Bunny used to say: “What a maroon.” After creating … Continue reading

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“How’s work?”

Whenever I’m asked about how work is going these days, I usually reply “It’s great.” Maybe I’ll follow it up with “I really love my job.” Then I get the look. A mixture of surprise, bemusement, and a little dislike. … Continue reading

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Why smart managers do stupid things

Large firms hire some of the smartest, most capable people. Yet, when those people become managers, they do stupid things. For example, they cling to concepts like “pay for performance” and “talent management” without any critical thinking – without questioning … Continue reading

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What social business is. And isn’t.

Sometimes you have to make a choice. Mild or spicy. Grande or venti. Revolution or practical, commercial change. When it comes to your applying social tools and practices to your firm, what’s it going to be? Missing in Milan This … Continue reading

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The best approach to building relationships

I used to think of networking as a set of transactions or, worse, manipulations. As a result, I viewed relationships too narrowly. At work, my relationships were defined by the hierarchy and my position in it. At home, they were … Continue reading

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