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What to do in the face of “We tried that and it didn’t work.”

Maybe your original idea wasn’t so great. Or maybe it was. Often, the failure isn’t a fault with the idea, but with the incentives and feedback mechanisms you implemented. Maybe you should try again. The story of “Charity Flights” A … Continue reading

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10 gifts for that special someone (you)

Are you happy? You’re probably busy. And stressed. And have a full life. But happy? “2300 years ago, Aristotle concluded that, more than anything else, men and women seek happiness. Much has changed since Aristotle’s time. And yet…we do not … Continue reading

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Compliance just said yes to social media. Now what?

The ABCs of social media in financial services are about getting access. But the “D” of social media (as the estimable Josh Levine commented last week) is: “Does it make or save money for the company?” In financial services, it’s so hard … Continue reading

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The ABCs of social media in financial services

Increasingly, banks and other finance firms want to use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to engage customers. They see more of their peers doing it but, in their own firm, they’re not sure how to get past compliance. “We want access to social media … Continue reading

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Why you should write more (and the single best tip for doing so)

Writing at work can expand your influence, shape your reputation, and literally make your career. Yet few people do it often enough or well enough. Here’s how you can distinguish yourself. Why write? This quote succinctly describes why writing is … Continue reading

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