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5 lessons for driving change from “The Blue Sweater”

Every once in a while you read a book that changes you. That transcends the author and the original story and holds lessons that you can apply to your own work and life, well beyond the context of the book. … Continue reading

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7 questions you’ll face as you modernize your company

“Yes”, I was thinking to myself, “I’ve been there.” I was talking with two more large firms this week about modernizing work and they were sharing the challenges they’re facing. One firm is considering buying a social business platform and … Continue reading

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Please steal this idea! (How a bill at work can save money & save lives)

What if you could do the right thing while also doing good? If you had a way for people at work to save money for their firm while contributing a portion of those savings to a good cause? We’re working … Continue reading

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A year without meat

When I stopped eating meat a year ago, my kids thought it was some kind of hipster fad. And now most people tend to react with bemusement. “Really? Hmm. Why’d you do that?” And then they’re curious. “How do you … Continue reading

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