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Becoming a trusted advisor

Have you ever worked with someone you’d call a “trusted advisor”? I mean the kind of person who has a network of close relationships and gets business based on the trust they’ve earned over time. They get paid, of course, … Continue reading

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Guided mastery at work

Imagine you’re afraid of snakes. You don’t just dislike them. You’re so afraid that you can’t even walk on grass for fear a snake might be there. Like other phobias, the fear paralyzes you and the paralysis affects other parts … Continue reading

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A glimpse of rapture, a glimpse of peace

I was walking by myself on a pristine beach in Mexico. It was early morning and the sun hadn’t quite made it’s appearance yet. Looking out to where the expansive gray-blue sky met the grayer, bluer ocean, I could feel … Continue reading

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Creating places we care about

You’ll notice certain signs when people at your company stop caring. They might be physical things. Torn seats in the cafeteria that never seem to get fixed. The receptionist desk that’s still there, empty, long after they laid off the … Continue reading

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