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“Because it’s the right thing to do.”

I’ve worked in banks for over 20 years and understand the range of issues people have with them. This week, though, I participated in an event that was unambiguously good. It was something that made me particularly proud to work … Continue reading

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Dear reader

Thank you. I appreciate the time you spend reading what I write. I’m still nervous every Saturday morning when I hit the “Publish” button. But, after 75 posts, I’ve come to love writing them. Looking back, I was curious to … Continue reading

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10 gifts for that special someone (you)

Are you happy? You’re probably busy. And stressed. And have a full life. But happy? “2300 years ago, Aristotle concluded that, more than anything else, men and women seek happiness. Much has changed since Aristotle’s time. And yet…we do not … Continue reading

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A simple and effective recognition system

I was recently working with a group that wanted to recognize collaborative behavior and inspire more people to work that way. Pretty quickly, we started talking about badges and point systems. But these kinds of systems are hard to get right, … Continue reading

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