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A weekend with a 7000 year old tree

The Jomon Sugi, “cedar tree from the Jomon era”, is on Yakushima, a small island in Japan. When it first started to grow, human beings were still in the Stone Age. Pictures of the forests seemed other-worldly to me. So, thanks to gracious, … Continue reading

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You don’t have to take it any more

“It’s just not fair.” That’s the phrase I hear every time someone gets a performance review that isn’t based on their actual performance. I’ve uttered it myself. In the vast majority of cases, it’s not just a denial of an … Continue reading

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The Value of Collaboration #5: Using purposeful communities to optimize spend

In some cases, collective efficiency is about specific kinds of cost reductions – printing, mobile bills, service costs. But sometimes it can be about a general technique you can apply to a wide array of costs. This post describes how … Continue reading

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The Value of Collaboration #4: Reducing the cost of internal communications

How much does your intranet cost? In addition to the core infrastructure, add all the different applications – content management systems, Sharepoint, blogs, wikis, etc. Then add the engineers that customize the tools to make them look like modern websites. … Continue reading

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Learning what diversity really means

Growing up in an all-Italian neighborhood in The Bronx, my view of diversity was limited to “different degrees of being Italian”. It was the kind of neighborhood where you shopped at salumerias that hung cheeses and meats from the ceiling. … Continue reading

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