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Re-humanizing banking: making savings social

Banks focus a lot on scale and efficiency. On making financial plumbing work better. And that’s good. But banks are largely ignoring another source of value: personal connections. Now, social tools and practices make it practical to “re-humanize banking” – to … Continue reading

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Want ROI? Here are 5 places to look for measurable savings

In benchmarking social business programs, I recently met with a company that started their effort more than 3 years ago. Now, more than 20,000 people at their firm were actively using one of the leading collaboration platforms. “That’s great!” I … Continue reading

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A really, really big idea

Much of what we practice as management today is unthinking and ineffective. And it’s been that way for a long time. There’s plenty of research to show that the way we recruit people, measure their performance, and promote them are … Continue reading

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Re-humanizing banking

The only people I trust with all my money are my wife and my bank. Yet, while I love my wife, I don’t know a single person at my bank. Despite all its skills and resources, my bank is, for … Continue reading

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