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My blog moved!

Hello! As part of a blog makeover, I recently moved my blog to a self-hosted version of WordPress so I could have a bit more control of the features on it. Unfortunately, if you follow me via WordPress that means updates … Continue reading

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What 9 year olds do that’s worth billions to corporations

Work, even life, is a kind of Rubik’s cube. Allow me to explain. I’ve never solved a Rubik’s cube. I’ve tried, of course. I turned it this way and that till one side was the same color. Then, frustrated and … Continue reading

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The prospect of premature death didn’t make me change so I tried this instead

“Take this pill, every day, for the rest of your life,” my doctor said. I sighed at this obvious sign of decline, envisioning the 7-day pillbox that all old people seem to have. “Already?” I asked. Approaching 40 years old, … Continue reading

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The worst management training I ever had – and the best

How do people learn to be good managers? For most of my working life, I’ve received terrible advice about management. All of it came from bosses who felt that becoming an effective leader necessarily meant sacrificing part of your humanity. But … Continue reading

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Accelerated intimacy at work (without a call from HR)

Even during some of the worst times in my life, I’ve responded to How are you? with Everything’s great!  I thought by showing people that I didn’t need help, that I was always happy, I could somehow make them like me … Continue reading

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The best peer support group for your career?

I’ve got a problem and I’m hoping you can help me. I know that working out loud – working in an open, generous, connected way – increases your chances of finding meaning and fulfillment in your work and life. I … Continue reading

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How to not suck at receiving feedback

I usually suck at receiving feedback. Even a constructive suggestion from my wife about loading the dishwasher feels like a personal attack, as if my very self-worth is tied to whether the dishes should face in or out. Yet in writing Working Out … Continue reading

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