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Why I wear a pink shirt on Thursdays

My friend’s father has been a hostage for over 6 years. In a few months, he’ll be the longest-held international hostage in American history. And you probably don’t know his name. He is Bob Levinson. I work with his daughter, Sarah. And this is a story … Continue reading

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Learning what diversity really means

Growing up in an all-Italian neighborhood in The Bronx, my view of diversity was limited to “different degrees of being Italian”. It was the kind of neighborhood where you shopped at salumerias that hung cheeses and meats from the ceiling. … Continue reading

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5 lessons for driving change from “The Blue Sweater”

Every once in a while you read a book that changes you. That transcends the author and the original story and holds lessons that you can apply to your own work and life, well beyond the context of the book. … Continue reading

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Please steal this idea! (How a bill at work can save money & save lives)

What if you could do the right thing while also doing good? If you had a way for people at work to save money for their firm while contributing a portion of those savings to a good cause? We’re working … Continue reading

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The Influencer checklist

Imagine it’s 1986 and you’re responsible for eradicating the Guinea worm, a parasite that afflicts 3.5 million people across 20 countries, has been around for over 2000 years, and for which there is no vaccine or medical treatment. The only way … Continue reading

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Fieldwork before frameworks

If you don’t know the story of Dr. Paul Farmer, you should. He’s saving thousands of lives while changing how the world thinks about poverty, about disease, and about what’s possible. As we try to change how companies work, we … Continue reading

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What to do in the face of “We tried that and it didn’t work.”

Maybe your original idea wasn’t so great. Or maybe it was. Often, the failure isn’t a fault with the idea, but with the incentives and feedback mechanisms you implemented. Maybe you should try again. The story of “Charity Flights” A … Continue reading

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An idea for saving 10,000,000 dollars + 10,000 lives

When you think of social business case studies, you might think about new ways of communicating or supporting customers or generating sales leads. But the range of social business is actually much broader than that. “What you’re really trying to … Continue reading

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