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It’s time for you (and your firm) to realize your “Practical Genius”

“Practical Genius” is one of those rare books that can change you. Make you think differently. Alter your course in life. It can help you bring to life a simple, powerful idea: “When you are a fully realized person – authentic … Continue reading

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Top 10 signs your social business effort isn’t about business

When it comes to using social tools and practices in the enterprise, it’s easier to preach than to practice. Easier to evangelize than to change how people work. Ask yourself: Is your social business effort about business? Or is it about you? … Continue reading

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A simple guide to integrating your social business platform

Recently, I sat with a group of experienced social business practitioners talking about integration. We were each describing how we wanted our vendor to integrate with systems and data we already had. And it was chaos. Or, more accurately, Babel. … Continue reading

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The best social business platform

There are plenty of people analyzing social business platforms, comparing features, roadmaps, and companies. They’re all missing something. As you embark on a social business effort, there will be more vendors and their products will look increasingly similar. Your most … Continue reading

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Want to accelerate change? Embrace the org chart

The biggest barrier to enterprise change isn’t technology or regulations or the traditional hierarchy. It’s uncertainty about who decides what. Particularly in companies pursuing social business projects, you’ll often hear “I’m not sure we can, so we’d better not.” Removing … Continue reading

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