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The best innovation program isn’t a program at all

Despite 1000s of years of evolution and countless books and studies on human motivation, we’re still using the Innovation Program and it’s cousin, the Suggestion Box, to inspire people to create change. These devices – and the general “let’s offer … Continue reading

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Social media at work. Really?

Imagine you’re a salesperson at a big global firm and you’re paid well into 6 figures. You’re at your office, about to call a client, and you want to research her first. Who’s she connected to? Where has she worked … Continue reading

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Working out loud when you’re looking for a new career

Suppose you’re looking to do something new. Maybe you don’t enjoy what you’re doing or you got laid off and want to try something else. What would you do? How would you discover what you like and the relevant opportunities … Continue reading

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Solving the recognition paradox

Every year, we send out employee surveys and, every year, we discover employees aren’t as engaged as we’d like. And yet every year we neglect to do one of the cheapest, easiest, and most effective things we can do to … Continue reading

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