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“Building a purposeful social network” – a course update

If you want to systematically improve diversity, mobility, and employee engagement within your firm, then a good place to start is teaching people how to shape their reputation and build relationships at work. (More on that here and here.) Towards … Continue reading

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A framework for changing habits at work

You went to a good school. You work in a big company. You’re making much more than the average American family. And yet, you’re no better than Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory.  The emails and meeting requests keep … Continue reading

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It’s about time: how changing a keystone habit at work might change everything

Research shows that 40% of actions performed each day are habitual. So if people aren’t thinking about what they’re doing, then simply showing them better ways isn’t enough. You have to change their habits. But with so many different things … Continue reading

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What if unproductive work is simply a habit?

Why do we keep doing things at work that we know are wrong? We know we shouldn’t overuse email or have too many meetings; create slides with unreadable bullet points or waste time compiling status reports. We could all make … Continue reading

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