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How to not suck at receiving feedback

I usually suck at receiving feedback. Even a constructive suggestion from my wife about loading the dishwasher feels like a personal attack, as if my very self-worth is tied to whether the dishes should face in or out. Yet in writing Working Out … Continue reading

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Discovering your purpose

Ask a roomful of people whether they think networking is important and everyone will knowingly nod. Now, ask them for the purpose of their network. Crickets. Most will be thinking “Networks have a purpose?” or, worse, “I don’t know, I’m … Continue reading

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Creating places we care about

You’ll notice certain signs when people at your company stop caring. They might be physical things. Torn seats in the cafeteria that never seem to get fixed. The receptionist desk that’s still there, empty, long after they laid off the … Continue reading

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The doctor at the fast food convention

Can you imagine being a doctor at a fast food convention, trying to change the way people eat? Even if the attendees know the food is bad for them, they’ll be surrounded by it and by other people who eagerly … Continue reading

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“What are you afraid of?”

I had an opportunity last week. Instead of embracing it, though, my first reaction was fear. So I held back. The Icarus Sessions The opportunity was to speak at an event hosted by Seth Godin. He offered the chance to … Continue reading

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Stop stealing dreams at work

In “Stop Stealing Dreams,” Seth Godin asks “What is school for?” He describes why school is the way it is and what it should be instead. And he dedicates the book “to every teacher who cares enough to change the system, and … Continue reading

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