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The worst management training I ever had – and the best

How do people learn to be good managers? For most of my working life, I’ve received terrible advice about management. All of it came from bosses who felt that becoming an effective leader necessarily meant sacrificing part of your humanity. But … Continue reading

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Accelerated intimacy at work (without a call from HR)

Even during some of the worst times in my life, I’ve responded to How are you? with Everything’s great!  I thought by showing people that I didn’t need help, that I was always happy, I could somehow make them like me … Continue reading

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Creating places we care about

You’ll notice certain signs when people at your company stop caring. They might be physical things. Torn seats in the cafeteria that never seem to get fixed. The receptionist desk that’s still there, empty, long after they laid off the … Continue reading

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25 books that changed me

When you think about it, a book is a truly magical thing. For the cost of a lunch, you can have an experience that can change your life. And that experience can be made even more profound when the book … Continue reading

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“I will be a great leader when…”

How would you finish that sentence? Is it when you’ve mastered the leadership lessons of Jesus, Lincoln, Sun Tzu, Steve Jobs or any of the dozens of famous people profiled in popular books? Or when you’ve been granted a certain … Continue reading

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Unlocking potential in your organization

What do you expect from other people? From yourself? It’s performance review season at many organizations, the time when we hand out labels related to each individual’s performance as well as their potential, reserving the best labels for a small … Continue reading

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The Five Monkeys Experiment (with a new lesson)

Consider yourself lucky if you ever get the opportunity to hear Eddie Obeng give a talk. My first introduction to him was a video of his TED talk on “Smart failure for a fast-changing world”. This week at JiveWorld, he … Continue reading

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