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Working Out Loud in Berlin

I’m sitting on a plane heading back to NY, reading notes from 70+ people about working out loud. I met those people at the Social Business Collaboration Summit in Berlin. There, with attendees from companies as diverse as IKEA, KPMG, … Continue reading

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The Value of Collaboration #4: Reducing the cost of internal communications

How much does your intranet cost? In addition to the core infrastructure, add all the different applications – content management systems, Sharepoint, blogs, wikis, etc. Then add the engineers that customize the tools to make them look like modern websites. … Continue reading

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7 questions you’ll face as you modernize your company

“Yes”, I was thinking to myself, “I’ve been there.” I was talking with two more large firms this week about modernizing work and they were sharing the challenges they’re facing. One firm is considering buying a social business platform and … Continue reading

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If Abe Lincoln had a social network

Last week, my coach and friend, Moyra Mackie, wrote a good post about the value of management by walking around (MBWA) and about the benefits of managers being available for their teams. She described how Lincoln is credited with using … Continue reading

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“So she posted her solution online, and then…”

If you watch TED talks, you’ll hear this phrase over and over and over again. People who are aspiring to make a difference will share their work online so others can use it and improve on it. Yet it’s a phrase … Continue reading

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The best innovation program isn’t a program at all

Despite 1000s of years of evolution and countless books and studies on human motivation, we’re still using the Innovation Program and it’s cousin, the Suggestion Box, to inspire people to create change. These devices – and the general “let’s offer … Continue reading

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If Yahoo! employees worked out loud…

It could have all been avoided. When angry Yahoo! employees leaked an internal memo “asking all employees with work-from-home arrangements to work in Yahoo! offices”, it touched a nerve. Bloggers wrote about CEO Marissa Mayer’s insensitivity and hypocrisy. Other CEOs … Continue reading

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