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A different kind of corporate networking event

There we were, over 100 of us, gathered at a networking event. And it struck me that people have been holding these kinds of events, in the same format, for perhaps 50 or even 100 years.  Groups of 10 sat … Continue reading

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Why I wear a pink shirt on Thursdays

My friend’s father has been a hostage for over 6 years. In a few months, he’ll be the longest-held international hostage in American history. And you probably don’t know his name. He is Bob Levinson. I work with his daughter, Sarah. And this is a story … Continue reading

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You don’t have to take it any more

“It’s just not fair.” That’s the phrase I hear every time someone gets a performance review that isn’t based on their actual performance. I’ve uttered it myself. In the vast majority of cases, it’s not just a denial of an … Continue reading

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Learning what diversity really means

Growing up in an all-Italian neighborhood in The Bronx, my view of diversity was limited to “different degrees of being Italian”. It was the kind of neighborhood where you shopped at salumerias that hung cheeses and meats from the ceiling. … Continue reading

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“The task now is to discover how far they can take us.”

We were sitting across the table at a cafe, talking about our current projects, when she asked me one of those easy-to-ask, hard-to-answer questions: “What’s your mission?” I talked about making work more effective and fulfilling at my firm and … Continue reading

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If you’re trying to change how your company works, you probably won’t

If you’re trying to make work better, you may be feeling, as Margaret Wheatley writes, “exhausted, overwhelmed, and sometimes despairing even as you paradoxically experience moments of joy, belonging, and greater resolve to do your work.” You may believe in … Continue reading

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Solving the recognition paradox

Every year, we send out employee surveys and, every year, we discover employees aren’t as engaged as we’d like. And yet every year we neglect to do one of the cheapest, easiest, and most effective things we can do to … Continue reading

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